The news

Ultranet and CIRCLE (owners of KnowledgeNET) are delighted to announce the merger of our learning platform operations and the formation of a new company, Dimension3.

As formative platforms, the existing feature sets within Ultranet and KnowledgeNET have been shaped by input and feedback from our schools for more than 15 years and there is no slowing down of aspirational thinking!

Bringing our 450 schools together creates a powerful collective with a depth of thought leadership and experience in the introduction and development of online learning initiatives.

The plan

Building on the work of two LMS pioneers, Dimension3 will develop an agile suite of powerful web and mobile applications.

These will feature multi-layered integration with other services and be tailored to the delivery of the New Zealand curriculum.

Paramount in the creative process will be consideration of the ways in which the software can enhance and enrich the three-way partnership between learner, school and parents... the three dimensions of our name.

The first steps

To encourage and foster shared ownership of product development, one of our immediate actions will be to form a strong advisory group.

We will engage in an active programme of consultation and feedback with regional clusters of partner schools and educational leaders with the goal of jointly shaping a development roadmap that is recognised as truly sector driven.

We are also very aware that schools need access to a wider range of expertise and guidance as they progressively shape their online environment.

To ensure that this support is on hand for Dimension3 customers, we are building a strong ecosystem of complementary products and services by partnering with selected technology and professional services providers.

The road ahead

There is still much to be done! The focus continues to be on the evolution of our two learning platforms Ultranet and Touchstones.

  • Ultranet offers a unique designed-for-schools website platform, online classrooms as a digital learning hub, and the USpace personal learning module.
  • Touchstones is a new co-developed platform that helps schools set the direction for professional learning by guiding a feedback based, reflective goal setting process for teaching staff.
"I am delighted to continue CIRCLE's commitment to education and learning technology in our region. We have great respect for the team from Ultranet and are excited by the possibilities for achieving better outcomes for more learners through the development of learning-centric applications for schools."

- Dr Phil Cummins
Chairman, Dimension3
Managing Director, CIRCLE

Our learning tools

Classroom tools

A virtual extension to your learning environment.

This is the heart of the Ultranet learning platform, the home of the interactive classroom spaces—just like a physical classroom, but available online 24/7.

Your virtual classroom is the centre for collaborative learning, where resources are shared and tasks and activities are managed.

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Personal learning tools

A place to capture, share and showcase your learning journey.

This is Ultranet's personal learning space featuring portfolios, blogs and the social learning network.

Think of it like a traditional learning journal or display folder, but one that is much more easily shareable and with much richer types of content.

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Website tools

A neat way to connect your school community online.

This is the public facing aspect of Ultranet. It can be used as your main school website or alternatively as an intranet for shared information and resources.

A series of additional plug-ins are also included and designed to help schools with the management of common administrative tasks.

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